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A Bewildered Ed Schultz Confronts Dem Rep. Who Voted for GOP Obamacare Fix

Thirty-nine House Democrats jumped ship on Friday to back a Republican bill that would not only let people keep their cancelled health insurance plans for another year, but would allow insurance companies to sell them to more people. Ed Schultz confronted Oregon Democrat Peter DeFazio over why he and other Democrats he respects would back what the Republicans are up to.

DeFazio argued they simply did what President Obama said he wanted to do in his press conference (despite Obama himself threatening a veto of that very bill), lamenting how absolutely no one in Oregon has successfully been able to sign up through the exchanges.

Schultz shot back that Obama didn’t call for “carte blanche, across the board” extensions, just for “junk insurance.” DeFazio insisted something had to be done because people couldn’t get on the exchanges in his state. Schultz went off, shouting that it’s a technical issue preventing people from signing up.

“Congressman, respectfully, you’re making it sound like these people getting cancellation notices are not allowed to get insurance, and that simply is not the case, sir!… There’s not a law that says they can’t do it!”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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