‘A Disgrace for Our Country’: Mika Brzezinski Calls for 2020 Debates to be Cancelled After Trump’s ‘Fire Bombing of Our Democracy’


Despite Joe Biden’s campaign re-affirming a commitment to participating in all three presidential debates following Tuesday night’s debacle, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski called for the rest of the debates to be cancelled after the former Vice President’s first face-off with Donald Trump.

As Morning Joe broke down the contest on Wednesday, Joe Scarborough asked Brzezinski if Biden should do the next two debates he still has left with Trump. Her answer: “If it’s going to be like this, absolutely not. He’s lowering himself.”

“He did well…but this was not a debate. This was a disaster, and it was a firebombing of our democracy,” Brzezinski went on. “If Bob Woodward said the president is ‘assassinating the presidency,’ well, the president firebombed the debate process, and the debate commission and moderator allowed it. This was preventable. It was preventable in real-time and nothing was done.”

Fox News’ Chris Wallace has been criticized by those who say he didn’t do enough to scrutinize Trump and let the debate spiral out of control far too often. Brzezinski’s comments made reference to those criticisms, and she continued to say “why in the hell should [Biden] get back on stage with that fool next to him every second spouting out disinformation, yelling over people, and having a moderator try and stop him but do nothing. Not use the tools around him to make this a real debate where they talked about actual facts.”

“It was 90 minutes of, quite frankly, a disgrace for our country. An embarrassment,” she concluded.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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