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A Loopy Louis C.K. Gives Hilariously Bizarre Interview To Joy Behar Just Hours After His Vasectomy

Yesterday, comedian Louis C.K. gave an interview on The Joy Behar Show about his new series, Louie. Something seemed a bit off but C.K. cleared that up quickly. He was still coming down from a ton of valium. Why was he on a ton of valium? Well, because he had gotten a vasectomy three hours earlier. The interview went pretty much as you’d expect an interview with a comedian on valium who just got surgery on his genitals would from there.

So why are we posting this video? Well, besides the fact that this writer is a huge fan of C.K. and his new show, this is just a hilariously bizarre interview. And, seriously, after a day of watching clips of people screaming at each other for ten minutes, a clip of Louis C.K. telling Joy Behar his penis looks like “an old man’s nose” is just a good breather.

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