‘A Lot Like the Nixon White House’: Gabe Sherman Talks Fox News’ Potential Legal Troubles


Once again, the reporting done by New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman on a scandal at Fox News proved to be spot on. When Bill O’Reilly left for vacation on April 11, Sherman cited highly-placed sources as saying that the embattled host might have just done his last show at the network.

Now, undoubtedly, there are many executives at the network hoping that Sherman is not right about what’s coming next.

Appearing on MSNBC Thursday, Sherman told Chris Hayes that prosecutors in the Southern District in Manhattan as well as FBI agents are looking into deposed Fox News head Roger Ailes and what Sherman calls a “pattern of serially paying off women” and whether money was moved around improperly.

“Fox News is a lot like the Nixon White House,” Sherman said. “This was a public company with investors, but Roger Ailes was running it as his personal fiefdom.”

He made a similar observation on Twitter earlier:

To drive the point home, Sherman even used the term “dirty tricks” to describe Ailes’ alleged actions while still running the network.

And now, multiple agencies are, according to Sherman’s reporting, looking into potential improprieties at Fox News.

“There are FCC rules. They’re looking at possible mail and wire fraud. This could mushroom into a real investigation,” Sherman said.

The silver lining for Fox News? Sherman believes their viewers are unlikely to desert them in this time of tumult.:

“The Fox News audience remains incredibly loyal. If you just think about the headlines over the last year, just how toxic of a culture that place is, and yet every night their viewers tune in. It’s like, what could their viewers learn about what goes on behind the scenes at Fox News that would cause them to turn off the channel? And I think almost nothing. It’s like what Trump said. You could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York, and his people would still vote for him.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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