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Anderson Cooper Takes Ed Schultz To The Woodshed For His GQ Conspiracy

If there’s one thing Ed Schultz hates, it’s being treated as if he was inconsequential. The flagship MSNBC host naturally did not take very well to being labeled one of GQ‘s “Least Influential” people of 2011, a satirical end of year list, but instead of keeping his wrath focused on the magazine, he wondered aloud whether the competition was somehow involved. Needless to say, Anderson Cooper was somewhat surprised to find out that he was behind the entire ordeal, according to Schultz, and put the host in his place in his “Ridiculist” segment last night.

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“I think cable news feuds are stupid,” Cooper began, before going into a thorough explanation, for the sake of his audience, of who “Ed Schultz” is (hint: it involves Laura Ingraham). “Let me be honest, I don’t really know who Ed Schultz is…” Cooper explained, “I’m told he yells a lot, and I know he works at MSNBC.” He then noted that Schultz’s other, more recent claim to fame was being put on a “Least Influential People Alive” list by GQ. “Why anyone– anyone– would care what someone writes about them in a humor column in GQ I cannot even begin to understand,” he noted, but apparently Schultz “has pretty thin skin for someone who goes around calling people sluts.” He then played the clip of Schultz insisting he is “kicking [Cooper’s] ass” such that it was necessary for Cooper to plant him in the GQ list.

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“WHAT?!” Cooper blurted out to that news, suppressing laughter. “Here I am just living my life, doing my thing, and this person I don’t even know says this!” He didn’t really care about the “kicking his ass” part so much as the “float around in the GQ crowd” bit, which he clarified. “That’s silly,” he noted, “I’m far too busy getting Gary Tuchman named next year’s sexiest man alive in People magazine… my schedule is full.”

Yes, we know Cooper claims to think that cable news feuds are “stupid,” but for the random, unexpected, and completely frivolous nature of this one, we can’t help but find it both silly and highly watchable.

Cooper’s rebuttal via CNN below:

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