A Taste Of Don Imus: Dan Rather “Crazy,” David Letterman “A Creep”


imus_10-3Don Imus kicks off his Fox Business Network morning show on Monday (we’ll have more on that coming soon), but today he’s interviewed by FNC/FBN anchor Neil Cavuto. The interview airs at 4pmET on Fox News and 6pmET on FBN – and there are quite a few soundbites sure to garner some attention.

We got a look at some excerpts – including shots at Dan Rather, David Letterman and even his new colleague Glenn Beck.

Apparently Imus is not a fan of Rather, and didn’t have anything nice to say about the guy who Cavuto interviewed yesterday:

He’s crazy. He’s a nice guy but he’s insane. Just go to Florida and put on a sweater and play bocce ball. He acted like a lunatic there [at CBS]. At some point when you work for these big corporations, whether it’s News Corp or GE or CBS, when you start to get so nuts that the stock holders start complaining and they start to have board meetings and they say do we need this, the answer is no we don’t need this.

Moving on! Staying in the CBS family, here’s Imus taking some shots at David Letterman in the wake of the extortion and sex with staffers revelations.

I’ve always thought he was a creep anyway..He’s an angry mean spirited jerk…He’s a punk. Fundamentally if you are married or you have a commitment you should honor that. I’m not stupid and I know some people don’t but that what I do and what people should do.

Imus also said that when he worked at CBS, he watched a human resources film that relayed to employees that you’re “not supposed to have sex with the staff whether you’re married or not.”

And finally, when asked by Cavuto what he thinks of his new Fox family, he had this to say about Glenn Beck:

Don’t’ start with me, you’ve got nuts in this building and I’m not one of them…I love Glenn, but I’ll tell you this, it doesn’t end well.

Also discussed, the Rutgers comments, whether he thinks he should have been fired (he does) and how he ended up coming to FBN. Needless to say it should be a very lively interview.

Imus brings a big fan base with him, and if he keeps making comments like this, getting attention, something Imus has consistently been very good at, should be no problem at all. Will it end up paying off for FBN? We’ll see (and we’ll revisit Monday).

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