comScore Bizarre Case of Underwear-Clad Man Shot by Neighbor...

A Truly Bizarre Case of Underwear-Clad Man Shot by Neighbor…

Here’s some news to take solace in as America gets closer to another potential war: an Oklahoma man was shot by his neighbor, who found it suspicious when the man was chasing after the cops, holding a gun, wearing nothing but his undies. Some of the exact details of the case aren’t exactly known yet, because according to KOKI, an official in the county sheriff’s office admits, “We don’t actually know what took place there.”

What authorities do know is that Joshua Snow grabbed his gun when he saw his car being burglarized and stormed out of his house without bothering to get dressed first. He chased the burglars down the street in his underwear, and some stuff happened (this is the unclear part being referred to above), resulting in his neighbor Jimmy Null grabbing a shotgun and firing at Snow.

Snow is expected to make a recovery, Null isn’t facing charges, and the burglars trying to break into Snow’s car got away.

Now that’s a Friday night story for you.

Watch KOKI’s report below:

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