‘A Very Good Drug Addict’: Watch Chelsea Handler Struggle to Say Nice Things About Charlie Sheen, Others

Chelsea Handler is best known as a talk show host, but this week she’s switching roles and has become the guest on the newest episode of truTV’s Talk Show the Game Show. In a preview clip for this week’s episode, host Guy Branum notes that Handler has “made a career out of taking down pop culture icons,” and so he challenges her to do the impossible: Be nice.

In the game, “One Nice Thing,” Handler has to say one nice thing about a bunch of different celebrities. She’ll be judged on her sincerity, creativity, and clarity of diction. As you might guess, the “niceness” of the things she says is debatable.

When prompted with a photo of Taylor Swift, she says “Taylor Swift is a very tall, lean singer.” True. For Lisa Rinna, she says, “She’s married to Harry Hamlin for a long time so they’re in love.” Also true. Things go downhill when she’s presented with photos of Jeremy Piven and Ann Coulter, but she’s able to come up with “compliments” for other celebrities including Charlie Sheen, who she notes is a “very good drug addict.”

Watch above via truTV. Talk Show the Game Show airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET/PT.

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