Aaron Sorkin Says The Newsroom Will Be His Last TV Show


The third and final season of HBO’s The Newsroom began last night. And according to showrunner Aaron Sorkin, it will likely be the last season of television he ever writes. The creator of The West Wing, SportsNight and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip indicated as much in an interview with the Los Angeles Times this weekend, while leaving open the small possibility that he could be bluffing.

“I know the whole ‘Never say never’ stuff, but I’m pretty certain I’m about to write my last three episodes of television,” Sorkin said, before throwing his last three series under the bus a bit. “And I want to be really clear about this. Really clear about this. I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent in television. And I’ve had much more failure, as traditionally measured, than success in television. I’ve done four shows, and only one of them was The West Wing.”

But in a follow-up interview with the L.A. Times months after he made those assertions, it appeared that Sorkin might be hedging a bit. “All these months later, I still don’t see another series in my near future,” he said. “But, again, you never know. Maybe I’ll get another idea.”

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As you can see from the trailer below, via HBO, the stories featured in The Newsroom’s third season will be as importantly grandiose as ever, including the Boston Marathon bombing and the ethic of reporting leaked classified documents:

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