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Aaron Sorkin’s HBO Pilot Features Olbermann-Like TV Host

Keith Olbermann may have left his ratings juggernaut at MSNBC for Al Gore‘s much smaller and lesser known Current TV, but that doesn’t mean the liberal pundit’s fame or notoriety is reaching some sort of end – at least, not if Aaron Sorkin has anything to do with it.

The Daily takes a look at Sorkin’s pilot for a show based on a character who bears more than a passing similarity to Ol’ Olbie. Sorkin apparently spent some time at Countdown with Keith Olbermann conducting research for the show, which follows the trial and tribulations and on-air rants of one Will McCallister – a left-wing media figure with a successful show and something of an abrasive nature.

Back in January, reported the show’s working title was More as the Story Develops. We’re sure Sorkin is hoping this newest project will turn out to be more West Wing and less Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Other shows about TV, and especially about journalists – like Murphy Brown and The Mary Tyler Moore Show – have managed to capture American’s attention. Do you suppose HBO’s audience will fall for McCallister? What if there’s a story arc where he dates a thin, blonde conservative pundit named, oh I don’t know, Pam Poulter?

h/t The Daily

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