Abbie Boudreau Reveals Stunning Details of Failed James O’Keefe Prank

CNN correspondent Abbie Boudreau was interviewed by Rick Sanchez this afternoon regarding the now-dominant story of ACORN pimp James O’Keefe‘s attempt to lure her onto a boat “filled with sexually explicit props and then record the session,” a “prank” that even conservative media figure Brent Bozell called an “attempted assault.”

In the extensive interview, Boudreau recounts much of what has already been reported, but she does reveal one new detail from the “CNN Caper” document that has been partially posted online: the “script” called for the prank to end with Boudreau in tears, begging to be let off of the boat.


James O’Keefe Attempts To Punk CNN Correspondent With “Palace Of Pleasure” Boat

Right Of Center Media Leave James O’Keefe Stranded Over Latest Stunt

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