Abby Huntsman Clashes With View Colleagues on Puerto Rico: ‘Unfair’ to Compare Trump to Dictators


The View got heated on Thursday during a discussion on President Donald Trump‘s claim that Democrats are pushing a conspiracy to damage him when they say 3,000 died in Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Maria.

Sunny Hostin called Trump’s comments “grotesque” and said they render him “illegitimate as the President of the United States.” Abby Huntsman, though, was willing to attribute Trump’s remarks to his pattern of exaggeration — lamenting how politicized Puerto Rico’s recovery has become.

“I don’t think President Trump is solely to blame for what happened,” Hunstman said. “Puerto Rico had a number of problems before Maria even hit.”

Hostin pushed back, saying Puerto Rico’s pre-Maria conditions were made possible because of U.S. policy that treated the island “as a bank account.” Huntsman eventually locked horns with Hostin and accused her of being “unfair” by comparing the president to a dictator.

“That’s comparing him to a Hitler,” Huntsman argued. “You think President Trump was in the Oval Office saying how can we make it worse for Puerto Ricans? You think that’s what happened in the White House?”

Hostin said she wouldn’t have compared Trump to Hitler, but stuck to her view that Trump doesn’t care about Puerto Rico.

“At the time that this was happening, he was more concerned with NFL athletes protesting and kneeling than he was concerned about what’s going on in the United States,” she said. “When you see someone, the president, letting his own citizens die and then turning it around and saying that they didn’t really die, I think that that’s very similar to the acts of a dictator.”

As the discussion about the blame game continued, Whoopi Goldberg eventually brought the conversation full circle by saying of Trump, “stop tweeting man, you’re not helping.”

“You can tweet all you want to but quit making yourself out to be this hero. It’s not about you and you have not been heroic, my friend. You have not been heroic.”

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