Abby Huntsman Criticizes the Meadows ‘Black Friend’ Strategy: Ask Your Black Friends If It’s a ‘Good Idea’

The View was not impressed with Congressman Mark Meadow (R-NC) over the stunt he pulled with Lynne Patton on Wednesday during Michael Cohen‘s congressional hearing.

The panel took notice of the dispute between Meadows and Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) when she called out her colleague for inviting Patton to the hearing as a “prop” to disprove the notion of President Donald Trump‘s racism. Sunny Hostin sided with Tlaib on the matter by saying Meadows’ ploy was essentially an “I have a black friend” racial trope.

Hostin continued to slam Meadows by remarking on how he resented Tlaib suggesting he’s a racist, yet he has a history of pushing birther claims against former president Barack Obama. As Joy Behar provided more evidence of Trump’s racism, Abby Huntsman eventually got in and said “you don’t have to be black to watch what happened and feel totally uncomfortable” with Meadows’ ruse.

“All you have to do is call your friends beforehand and say ‘does this sound like a good idea to you?’ Mark my words, if you do have black friends — and I do, we have great conversations — not one would tell you ‘go have a black person stand up behind you and make that point.'”

Hostin topped off the conversation by expressing her surprise that Patton “allowed herself” to be used this way.

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