ABC’s Cokie Roberts Dismisses Idea of ‘Liberal Resurgence’: Only 20% Call Themselves Liberals

A panel on ABC’s This Week on Sunday debated the idea that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ascension heralds a “liberal resurgence.” Cokie Roberts asserted that this notion was overly simplistic and that “populism and liberalism” were distinct political philosophies.

“There is a market in the Democratic Party – and you saw that with your clips of de Blasio here in New York – for a populist Democrat who will run against Hillary Clinton, as the former Senator from Goldman Sachs,” said The Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol.

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“I think the Clintons are intensely aware of that,” Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith agreed.

“But that’s a big danger zone for her,” Roberts added, “because he can fail and he can fail quite spectacularly. And then, you know, she’s associated with it.”

“It’s also true that this notion that there’s this resurgence of liberalism — there’s a difference between populism and liberalism,” Roberts continued. “We never see a poll that shows more than 20 percent of Americans identifying themselves as liberals.”

“But de Blasio calls it progressivism,” host George Stephanopoulos interjected.

Smith noted that the “confrontational” speeches delivered at de Blasio’s inauguration created a “mess” for him on the first day of his tenure as mayor which should concern progressives.

Watch the clip below via ABC:

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