ABC News Airs Enhanced George Zimmerman Video, Finds Possible Head Gash

ABC Airs Enhanced Zimmerman Video, Finds Possible Head Gash

ABC News broke new ground in the Trayvon Martin story with the release of surveillance video last week that showed his killer, George Zimmerman, walking out of a police car and with no clear injuries on his body. The Daily Caller argued his unscathed state was a product of bad video quality and that, indeed, a scar on his head stood out, and today ABC News revealed an enhanced video that shows what could be an injury in the same area.

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The enhanced version of that video was sent to ABC News from, and zooms in on the back of Zimmerman’s head. There is a visible line, reddish pink, on his skull, though it is unclear how deep it is from the video. Of course, as many facts in this case, nothing is concrete, as the hospital records and much of what went on that night have yet to surface. The enhancement and potential injury do make the original video– in which Zimmerman appears in much better condition than those speaking up for him have claimed he was– much less of a smoking gun than many originally thought. And while it does help Zimmerman’s case, it does not speak all that much on the procedure legal authorities used in this case.

Watch the video via ABC News below:

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