ABC News Has No Idea What Alex Jones’ Deal Is

Conspiratorial radio host Alex Jones and ABC News are at loggerheads over how Jones managed to miss his appearance on This Week Sunday morning.

Before a segment about Jade Helm, the military training operation Jones suspects is a dry run for the implementation of martial law, host Martha Raddatz announced that Jones had been scheduled to appear on the show but never arrived. Several hours later, Jones’ website InfoWars accused ABC News of “dirty tricks,” alleging that their car service had only arrived to retrieve Jones only 12 minutes prior to the segment.

“That’s completely false,” an ABC News spokesperson told Mediaite. “That’s not how we operate.”

ABC News explained that the car had been at Jones’ apartment an hour ahead of time. A spokesperson said Jones did not respond to phone calls, and the network went so far as to have building security knock on his door, to no answer.

ABC also disputed Jones’ charge that the network had tried to strong-arm him into a taped interview. “We were always going to do it live-remote,” the network told Mediaite.

Anyhoo, Jones has challenged ABC News to have him on about Jade Helm at some point this week; Mediaite wouldn’t bet our gold futures on it.

Mediaite has reached out to InfoWars and Alex Jones and will update this post accordingly.

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