ABC Reporter Cites Nevada Official to Fact-Check Trump Over Mail-In Voting Claims: ‘That Simply Isn’t True’


ABC News correspondent Kyra Phillips fact-checked President Donald Trump during his news conference on Wednesday when he speculated problems around mail-in voting in Nevada come November. Phillips citied an official who said that Trump’s claim “simply isn’t true.”

“You said voting by mail is an invitation to fraud,” Phillips said. “Could you lay out and tell us exactly where the evidence is right now that mail-in ballots in Nevada and other states will lead to widespread fraud?”

“If you read The Washington Post, they had terrible story on mail-in, and The New York Times and many newspapers have had terrible stories,” Trump said. “You see them all over the internet, they have had some just horrible stories on mail-in ballots. You look at Arizona, as you know you have a provision where they don’t have check signatures. You sign it and you could have a totally different signature, it’s OK. It won’t get approved. They have the right to go seven days after election for approval, so you’re not gonna know who won the state of Nevada.”

“I just wanted to point out we did call the Nevada secretary of state’s office election division and the spokeswoman there said that simply isn’t true, Mr. President,” Phillips responded. “And that Nevada will continue to check ballot signatures against voter registration cards, it’s done at the county level.”

“That’s not what they said when they approved it,” Trump said. “They said they are not going to check signatures, they are not going to be able to. Their machinery — which is old — doesn’t allow them to. It’s going to be physically impossible for them to do that especially in a short period of time.”

“But there’s no system like going to the poll and voting. I would like to find out all of a sudden in the midst of all of this grief, why is it that they approved the New York race?” Trump said referring to Rep. Carolyn Maloney in NY-12 winning the Democratic primary after weeks of counting ballots.

“There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud,” Phillips responded.

“Oh really,” Trump said.”Then you’re reading a different newspaper than me.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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