ABC’s Bill Weir Risks ‘Third Degree Burns,’ And Ties Child To Tree To Deep Fry A Turkey

It just wouldn’t be the holidays without someone on TV reminding us of the hazards of dropping a massive turkey into a vat of boiling oil–right?

Akin to the exploding watermelons around the 4th of July and the reminders in some places not to open fire inside the city limits at New Year’s, the classic “be careful deep frying your bird” story seldom fails to deliver. This year, ABC’s Bill Weir takes us into his backyard–and runs his own camera effortlessly–to show off the recipe he uncovered in New Orleans fifteen years ago that he says “changed my life.”

Propane tank, turkey, and peanut oil–check. But Weir’s first step? He suggests you go to YouTube and type in “turkey fryer disaster” so you can see why “you’re going to want to remain sober–and well away from your wood deck” when you start the recipe.

Good stuff–complete with cameo from Weir’s rope-restrained-for-her-own-safety daughter, from ABC News:

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