ABC’s Dan Harris Confronts Video of Himself Having Panic Attack On-Air

ABC News correspondent Dan Harris ran video on Good Morning America Tuesday morning of what he called “the most embarrassing moment of my life”: when he had a panic attack on live television.

The moment happened ten years ago: Harris was midway through a segment about cancer medications when he visibly lost focus and became agitated. Realizing he was having an attack, he signed off while the operators at ABC hurried to throw back to the studio.

“Once the fear subsided, humiliation rushed in,” present-day Harris said. “I knew with rock-solid certainty that I had just had a panic attack on national television.”

Harris told co-host George Stephanopoulos how he had become a workaholic at ABC, eventually leading to anxiety, and, anxiety’s nogoodnik friend, self-medication. Harris’ new book recounts how he discovered meditation could resolve his panic attacks.

Watch the clip below, via ABC:

[Image via screengrab]

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