ABC’s Diane Sawyer Recruits Glee‘s Matthew Morrison To “Team Diane”

This whole Glee fight’s a bit silly, but we’re onboard. Especially now that it’s clear ABC’s Diane Sawyer is playing to win. It all started, you may know, with a cameo on the hit show by CBS’s Katie Couric. In the scene, Couric’s gets slammed with the line “I hate you, Diane Sawyer.”

This led to a high-stakes Twitter feud between real life network news anchor Sawyer and fictional high school coach Sue Sylvester. And now, one of Glee’s biggest stars, Matthew Morrison, has taken sides, choosing “Team Diane.” He’s previously said he’d like to see the ABC World News anchor make her own cameo on the show and face off with Sylvester:

“I think it might happen,” Morrison admitted. “I don’t know what the context is going to be, but I hear there’s a Diane Sawyer/Sue Sylvester war going on on Twitter.”

Morrison for one is hoping for it. “I love Diane Sawyer,” he said. “It’s a real possibility that she’ll be on the show.”

Ahead of any potential appearance, Sawyer’s kept the pressure on her fictional nemesis with tweets, and this photo posted to her Facebook page:

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