ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Throws Water on Democratic Hopes: So Far They’re Having a ‘Disappointing Night’

On ABC’s election night coverage, host George Stephanopoulos noted, after the network called KY-6 race for incumbent Republican Andy Barr over Democrat challenger Amy McGrath, that things weren’t going as well as Democrats had hoped and worked for in the House, all things considered.

“So far Republicans have picked up one seat in the Senate,” he said, “Democrats have picked up 2 seats in the House, they need 23 to take control.” He then reported on the Kentucky race, and noted that it wasn’t a district the Democrats were necessarily expecting to win, nor were counting on for taking control, but that they did want.

“So far, it just has to be said, the Democrats are having, so far, a lot of vote to come in, a difficult night,” he said.

“They are not winning where they thought they were going to win,” agreed ABC’s Jon Karl. “We had seven potential pick-ups in the state of Florida. Republicans have held on to five of those seats already. Democrats have only picked up one.”

“Democrats are not winning in the way they were hoping to win early in the night, but like you said there is a lot of vote to count,” said Karl.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of ABC News.

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