ABC’s Raddatz to Chris Christie: ‘Does the White House Still Just Not Get It’ With Pence Campaigning Despite Covid Outbreak?


Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said he was “surprised” by Mike Pence’s recent conduct in light of the coronavirus outbreak emerging from the vice president’s office.

Christie is one of several allies to President Donald Trump who caught Covid-19 the last time the White House experienced a viral outbreak. The former governor was hospitalized during his recovery from the virus, but after his release, he became increasingly vocal about urging people to wear masks and follow public safety guidelines.

When Christie joined Martha Raddatz on ABC’s This Week, she brought up the news that several of Pence’s staffers have been infected by the coronavirus, yet the vice president intends to stick with his schedule and keep holding Trump reelection rallies. Raddatz noted that “the joint chiefs of staff quarantined when they were exposed to coronavirus,” so she asked Christie “does the White House still just not get it?”

“The whole getting of covid to begin with and the not wearing of masks has been a problem,” Christie said. “Everybody’s gotta put the health of the people they’re going to be in touch with first. When I found out I got Covid that Friday morning, I immediately quarantined myself, ultimately wound up in the hospital, but you’ve got to keep yourself away from everybody. I’m a little bit surprised.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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