ABC’s Terry Moran: Middle East Sees Trump’s Syria Announcement as ‘Act of Weakness’ and ‘Self-Inflicted’ Defeat


ABC News Senior Correspondent Terry Moran reacted to President Donald Trump’s speech about a ceasefire between Syria and Turkey by warning that America’s adversaries will see this as a sign of “weakness.”

Trump announced the “permanent” ceasefire (which he also called “somewhat questionable”) on Wednesday, saying it was time for America to withdraw from Syria and “let someone else fight over this long-bloodstained sand.”

When Moran joined George Stephanopoulos to discuss afterwards, he said “make no mistake about it, in the Middle East, this is seen as a strategic defeat for the United States and one self-inflicted, as bad, if not worse, than President Obama’s drawing of the red line when Syria used chemical weapons.”

“Strength counts in that part of the world, and this is seen as an act of weakness in the face of Turkey,” Moran continued. “President Erdoğan wanted to invade that part of Syria and the United States was stopping him, and somehow [he] managed get President Trump to back down and abandon our allies.”

As Moran went on to say that Trump’s troop pullout puts U.S. gains against ISIS at risk, he acknowledged that the president was elected on a platform of getting America out of endless wars. He said it will be up to voters to decide if Trump is succeeding in this while maintaining America’s interests, or “is he doing it in a chaotic way that empowers our enemies in the region and beyond?”

“There is no question that in the face of this difficulty, there are people in the Middle East who will say the United States cannot be counted on when the going gets rough,” Moran concluded.

Watch above, via ABC.

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