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ABC’s This Week: Democrats Will Put Trump Under ‘Intense Microscope’ and ‘Launch Investigations’ if They Win


On ABC’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos and ABC Senior Congressional Correspondent Mary Bruce talked about how, if Democrats win the House on November 6th, they’ll begin putting Donald Trump’s presidency “under a microscope” and launch a lot of congressional investigations. Bruce acknowledged that strategy could carry some political risk, and guest Chris Christie agreed.

“If Democrats do take the House they’re going to put the Trump administration under an intense microscope,” said Bruce. “They are likely to launch investigations into everything from conflicts of interests, to the president’s tax returns and of course the issue of Russian collusion.”

“Democrats feel that this administration has been able to act unchecked, and that is likely to come to a screeching halt,” she continued. “But there is a political risk here for Democrats, they’ll have to show they can legislate not just investigate.”

“First up, expect them to pass something to address the issue of corruption in government,” said Bruce optimistically. “Democrats are well aware that Americans are fed up with Washington. And they’re going to want to send a message that there’s a new sheriff here in town.”

Stephanopoulos asked her what if Republicans win and keep their majority, to which Bruce contrasted the sunny outlook of investigations and an end to corruption and new sheriffs she had pitched for Democrats by saying that “if Republicans hold the House then George, you’re going to see more of the same.’

She said that Republicans have no plans “at the ready” or legislation in the wings, and that ‘While Republicans are running on these issues, there is no big legislative push right now here to back all that up.”

They then continued being not biased by discussing the coming battle for Speaker of the House once Democrats win.

Stephanopoulos went to Donna Brazile next, who offered a very lengthy endorsement of Nancy Pelosi‘s qualifications for Speaker.

Former Gov. Christie added that if Democrats win the House, it “very well could be their main job is going to be to be a subpoena processor over at the White House.”

“I think Mary was right, though, that there is real political risk in that as well,” he added. “If you go too aggressive in that regard it could be a backlash against those people.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of ABC News.

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