‘About Providing Customers What They Want’: Stelter on Why Fox News Has Ignored Trump Turmoil


With bombshell report after bombshell report hitting the White House this week, it has been an interesting time for Fox News. With the network largely toeing a pro-Trump line with much of its daily programming, it appears that the narrative the network has settled on is attacking the negative media attention President Donald Trump has received. (There have been some dissenting voices among the Fox News stalwarts, however.)

CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter presented a video essay on this current situation and then discussed it with anchor Anderson Cooper. With Cooper noting that it is what Stelter stated in the piece — “deny, deflect, downplay” — the Reliable Sources host pointed out the following:

“It’s all about providing a counternarrative. The Trump White House helps do this. But it’s pro-Trump media that helps do this — provide a counternarrative to share on their Facebook pages, share on Twitter, and to discuss with their friends. I think we feel more and more we’re in these echo chambers, we’re in these filter bubbles where people are sharing views that they agree with. Not everybody, but many people. And this week’s coverage — of what is a decidedly awful week for the president — shows that ”

When Cooper noted that Fox News just “ignored it on some nights” and saw drops in ratings on the shows that decided to report on negative Trump news, Stelter piggybacked on it.

“Fox is in an unusual situation,” he said. “The ratings are quite soft by normal standards.” Adding that Cooper had referred to Fox News viewers as customers, Stelter stated, “This is about providing customers what they want.”

He continued, “That might not be the best thing in a democracy, as opposed to news consumers or more importantly voters, viewers.”

As Stelter noted, Fox News’ ratings have been pretty soft recently, with their primetime programming coming in third in the key 25-54 demo to CNN and MSNBC this week.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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