‘Absolutely Ridiculous!’: Fox Host Bill Hemmer Goes Off on Congress for Obamacare Exemption

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer is not pleased with Congress.

Hemmer spoke with Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) this morning about the “exemptions” members of Congress and their staffers have reportedly sought from paying full price for participation in ObamaCare health exchanges.

After Stockman (who was equally outraged) described the exemptions as “Going to a fine dining restaurant but the chef doesn’t want to eat the food he prepared for you,” Hemmer went off on Congress:

How many members of Congress are going to take the subsidies? I mean, it’s an unbelievable thing that you can pass a law and change the rules and take taxpayer dollars to fund your health care. And to get subsidies that are not granted to everyday Americans. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

Stockman placed the exemption’s blame “unilaterally” on House Democrats, but noted that it’s unclear what the exact “parameters” of the deal will be.

“We’re not going to let go of it,” Hemmer said. “We’re going to figure out, in the end, what it’s about.”

“Well, Bill, we love you for doing that,” Stockman replied.

Watch below, via Fox:

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