AC360º Panel Debates The New ‘Reactionary Republic Of Arizona’

In light of the recent passing of Arizona’s illegal immigration bill giving police permission to request identification when reasonable doubt that a person is legal exists, Anderson Cooper brought on Arizona State Representative John Cavanaugh to convince CNN contributor Miguel Perez that his bill will not result in the latter’s arrest.

Perez, a longtime Latin American political commentator who honed his skills alongside CNN host Rick Sanchez at New York’s hispanophone Radio WADO station, attacked the law viciously, claiming that he would certainly be a victim of it just for standing on a street corner in shabby clothes and having an accent, and renaming the state the “Reactionary Republic of Arizona.” Rep. Cavanaugh, who helped draft the bill, responded that Perez was “completely wrong” because suspicious behavior is just as– if not more important– than appearance in determining who gets asked for identification. Perez’ retort was that that law-abiding illegal immigrants will now be afraid to report crimes, fires, or otherwise interact with the government.

Watch the debate below:

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