Accusations Of Dishonesty Fly On Hannity During Muslim Student Group Debate

During a question and answer session at UCSD, conservative figure David Horowitz reversed the direction of the question and answer, refusing to answer a Muslim students question and instead demanding that she renounce Hamas. To discuss the controversy, Sean Hannity had Horowitz on the show along with Mark Levine, a professor at UC Irvine and author of Heavy Metal Islam, but the discussion stopped short when both sides kept asking each other the questions that weren’t answered at the UCSD talk.

“If you don’t condemn Hamas, obviously you support it,” Horowitz had told the student, and on Hannity he began with an accusation that the organization the student was a part of was hosting an “Islamic Apartheid Week,” paid for by the university. Levine replied to his accusations by asking Horowitz to respond to the student’s question asking for evidence of his claims, to which Horowitz called the entire discussion “disingenuous” because Levine was a supporter of the group the Muslim Brotherhood. Levine responds by saying, “I am calling you a liar on international television.” It doesn’t get much more civil from there, as Hannity jumps in to ask Levine to renounce Hamas.

As much of an ongoing joke as it is, there aren’t actually that many exchanges on cable news that degenerate into both pundits just giving up and calling each other plain “liars.” This is one of them.

The segment below:

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