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Activist DeRay McKesson: Only Whiteness ‘Gets Nuance’ in the Media

mckessonFerguson activist DeRay McKesson told Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter Sunday morning that the coverage of the Waco biker shooting showed a stark contrast to that of the Baltimore unrest, one that could only be explained by racial pathology.

“Nine people were dead, 18 people injured, and the media didn’t show any of that spectacle of blood,” McKesson said. “That context would not happen if those bodies were dark-skinned.”

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“Whiteness gets nuance in the media, and blackness doesn’t,” McKesson continued. “In Waco, it was ‘These are just bikers, it was a biker shootout.’ No, they killed nine people, shot in the presence of innocent bystanders…They are in gangs. This is organized crime.”

“What you saw in Waco was this radical humanization of people who actually committed violent crimes, who really did violent crimes,” McKesson said. “You didn’t see that same humanization with people in Baltimore who were breaking curfew. They were treated in ways that criminalized them in really intense ways, in ways you didn’t see with actual criminals.”

Watch below, via CNN:

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