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Actor Robert Blake Escorted Out Of Celebrity Autograph Convention

Actor Robert Blake was escorted out of a celebrity autograph convention yesterday after “[getting] ridiculous” and “becoming unruly” with the organizers and giving away free autographs in the parking lot of the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel. Blake, who is known for his role in the 1970s TV show “Baretta” and later gained infamy after being acquitted in the murder of his wife, Bonnie Lee Blakely, shouted at the crowd outside to “call the police” and attempted to dispel the convention employees in the lot.

According to ABC News, Blake became upset with organizers after “complaining the line at his table was too short.” Upon finding cameras, he attempted to explain himself in detail:

“I’m giving away free pictures to my fans because yesterday I embarrassed myself by behaving like a fool, so I came back today to be a good guy and give them pictures and give them autographs because they kept me alive for 70 years.”

He was, however, still escorted out and told that he could not “malign” the convention and still be a part of it. He eventually relented and went home.

The report and footage of the Blake parking lot hullaballoo from the local ABC affiliate KABC below:

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