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Actress Ellen Page Battles Ted Cruz over ‘Religious Freedom’ and LGBT Rights

page_cruzWhile grilling a pork chop at the Iowa State Fair on Friday, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz was confronted by actress Ellen Page over his views on homosexuality and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in favor of same-sex marriage.

Page began the conversation by asking the senator about how “people [are] getting fired just for being gay or trans.” In response, the senator cited the story of Dick and Betty Odgaard — who faced fines if they continued to refuse to allow same-sex marriages to celebrate at their venue — as an example of how “Bible-believing Christians are being persecuted.”

The pair went back-and-forth over the semantics of “persecution,” with Cruz trotting out the common conservative talking point that the real anti-gay oppressors are Islamic states like ISIS and Iran, who behead and execute people for the high crime of homosexuality. Page, who is openly lesbian, conceded that such treatment of gay people is “horrible,” and added that Christians use violence against gay people in places like Jamaica.

As you can imagine, the conversation ended at an impasse.

Watch the full confrontation below, via ABC News:

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