Adam Lanza Reportedly In Altercation At School Day Before Shooting

NBC’s Pete Williams reported Saturday on the Today Show that Adam Lanza was allegedly involved in an altercation at Sandy Hook Elementary School the day before the shooting.

Attempting to answer the question of why Lanza may have chosen this particular school, Williams stated that it has been confirmed now that Lanza’s mother did not work full-time at the school, despite previous reports. However, officials told NBC that on Thursday, December 13, Lanza was involved in an “altercation” at the school which involved himself and four other staff members. Of the four, three were murdered in yesterday’s shooting spree and the fourth is currently being interviewed by federal and state investigators.

Williams said though we still don’t know the “substance or nature” of the argument, the staff member’s testimony might be an “important piece of information” for discerning motive in this case.

Watch the full clip below, via NBC:

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