Adam Schiff Condemns Attempted Smear Against Mueller: ‘Very Underhanded Effort to Besmirch’ Him


Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff of California condemned the recent effort to smear special counsel Robert Mueller with made-up sexual misconduct allegations, calling it a “very underhanded effort to besmirch” him.

“It’s just another indication of how terrified people are of what Mueller is going to report, there is obviously a lot of rumors that a report could be imminent after the elections. I don’t know how imminent it is, but clearly there are a lot of people in Trump-world who are terrified about what the special counsel may have found, what he’s prepared to say,” Schiff said during an appearance on MSNBC tonight. “This is part of this very underhanded effort to besmirch his character. If they can’t impeach his findings, they’re going to try to impeach him.”

Schiff went on to explain that conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman and Twitter anti-celebrity Jacob Wohl appear to have gone “to extreme lengths to essentially pay women to make false claims about him.”

“If it’s true it’s just another reprehensible effort to attack his character,” he added.

The Democratic lawmaker tied President Donald Trump to the attack on Mueller, slamming his “no holds barred attitude of dividing the country, of egging on his supporters, of encouraging by praising violence against journalists.”

“Yes, all of these attacks on Mueller. All of the green light that he gives the most ardent of his supporters to engage in any kind of conduct to tear him down I think has results like this,” Schiff concluded.

Burkman and Wohl both deny paying women to smear Mueller, but a woman has come forward claiming that she was offered thousands of dollars to smear the former FBI director. Additionally, Wohl and Burkman are both clearly tied to the phony private investigators firm responsible for circulating the unfounded claims about Mueller.

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