Adam Schiff: If Any Other Lawyer Did What Giuliani’s Doing, Would Be ‘Ample Grounds for Legal Malpractice’


House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) claimed Rudy Giuliani‘s representation of Donald Trump amid the Russia probe may constitute “ample grounds for legal malpractice.”

“I have to say, if any other lawyer were doing what Rudy Giuliani is doing, it would be ample grounds for legal malpractice,” Schiff said to Wolf Blitzer while on CNN tonight. “The reality is he is not acting as the president’s lawyer, he is acting as a spokesperson for the president’s legal defense, and… he is doing a terrible job. He seems to be in this perpetual cycle of Trump never did x; and then saying, well, even if he did x, what’s the big deal; and then saying, x is not a crime; and then saying, okay, even if x is a crime, what’s the big deal about that; and then circling back to, I never said Trump didn’t do this.”

“It’s just a crazy quilt of arguments,” the lawmaker added. “I don’t know if it reflects that he isn’t talking to the president or he is and the president continues to change his story, which we have seen in other aspects during the investigation, so, either could be true.

After The Situation Room host asked Schiff about Giuliani reversals on the president’s knowledge of the Trump Tower project in Moscow, he theorized about Trump’s coaching of his attorney.

“It may well be the president came down on him and said, ‘Why did you say that publicly? You need to clean that up.’ Now Giuliani is saying that what he said was concrete is now hypothetical,” he suggested. “Let’s not lose sight of this fact. regardless of when that deal ended.”

Schiff went on to call the Trump Tower Moscow plan a “staggering conflict of interest” that should be “catastrophic”:

“At a time when Donald Trump was running for president, he was negotiating or attempting to negotiate a deal that according to the special counsel would have made him hundreds of millions of dollars. that would have been the most lucrative deal Donald Trump ever made. and at the same time, during the same campaign, while he is denying these discussions are taking place, he is advocating relief from sanctions on Russia that would make Putin billions and Russia billions. That is a staggering conflict of interest. For anyone else, it would be catastrophic.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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