Adam Schiff: If Kevin McCarthy Was GOP Leader on 9/11, ‘There Would Have Been No 9/11 Commission’


Congressman Adam Schiff went after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy by claiming on Monday night there would have been no bipartisan 9/11 commission had he been the Republican leader 20 years ago.

Schiff, one of the members of the January 6th select committee, spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on the eve of the committee’s first hearings on the mob riots at the Capitol and what led up to that day.

Cooper brought up just how bipartisan the support of a 9/11 commission was at the time, saying it’s “kind of stunning” to see this committee being politicized now.

“You could have made the same point after 9/11,” Schiff said of the arguments against a 1/6 commission. “‘Do we really need an investigation? Because don’t we know what happened? Don’t we know that al-Qaeda attacked us, and they used aircraft? What more is there to learn?’ Of course, there was a lot more to learn about why this happened and why we weren’t able to stop it.”

And then he added this:

Then, like now, there was some initial opposition of the Bush administration. They thought the commission might report negatively on how they didn’t stop 9/11 from happening. But there were enough people of good will in both parties to overcome that, and come up with a bipartisan product. But that Republican party that was willing to do that in 2001 and 2002 is not Donald Trump’s Republican party. Had Kevin McCarthy been the leader then, there would have been no 9/11 commission. There would have been an effort to persuade the country that, what, it didn’t happen or it’s overblown or who knows what the explanation would have been.

“Also, former President Bush did not address the hijackers ahead of the attack on 9/11,” Cooper said.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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