Adam Schiff on Reports of Rosenstein Departure: Looks Like ‘Slow-Moving Saturday Night Massacre’


Adam Schiff, the ranking member on the House Intel Committee, went on MSNBC Monday morning in light of reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would depart from his position at the Department of Justice.

A report by Axios indicated that Rosenstein had ‘verbally resigned’ to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, while NBC News’ Pete Williams received conflicting information that Rosenstein was prepared to refuse to resign, and instead force President Donald Trump to fire him.

Schiff implored Rosenstein to keep his composure and stand strong in the face of a potential onslaught as the White House summoned him amid the rumors.

“I don’t think that under any circumstances that Rod Rosenstein should tender his resignation,” Schiff told Andrea Mitchell. “I also think that in the event that the president fires him, it is another piece of substantial evidence — the second exhibit after the firing of Comey — in a potential obstruction case that Bob Mueller may be putting together.”

Schiff stressed that Rosenstein should force Trump to fire him and not relent if he is asked to resign.

“He shouldn’t take a step affirmatively and essentially let the president off the hook,” Schiff said.

Schiff, a frequent critic of Trump, likened the new development surrounding Rosenstein as “a slow moving Saturday Night Massacre.”

“These are, in their cumulative form, the same as the Saturday Night Massacre and all designed for the same end, and that is to give the president direct control over an investigation in which he may be implicated,” Schiff explained. “It seems like the only question is whether these steps take place now or they take place after the midterms when the president believes he will pay less of a political price for it.”

You can watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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