Adam Schiff Tells Tapper Instead of Redacting Mueller Report Some Intel Could Just ‘Be Declassified’


The standard by which the Mueller report will be deemed to have been released has dominated a great deal of talk and conjecture since the summary report was issued, and chief among the points argued is the degree to which it will be redacted.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chair of the House intel committee, talked with CNN’s Jake Tapper about it on Sunday, following comments from President Trump in the last few days that there was no amount of report that could be released that would satisfy Democrats.

Tapper began by saying that Schiff and Democrats have made clear they want the report given to the committee with “no redactions” but asks whether any redactions “if any” might be accepted in what is released to the public.

Schiff answered that if there is classified material in the report, it may need to be, but even “some parts” of classified material including sources may need to be declassified “in the public interest.”

He states that an analysis should be undertaken to find out what information from the report, which concluded that no criminal activity took place, should be declassified for the public interest.

This most likely means political interest, since as a matter of government the Mueller report made its conclusions without exposing any underlying classified material, and considering that the committee, and Schiff himself, would in the situation he has described see all the material.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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