Admirers Sending Cash To Casey Anthony; Jailhouse Account At $472.18

As a person reviled by many, it may be a bit of a struggle for Casey Anthony to find work. Good thing she’s got “admirers.” ABC News reports that while Anthony’s parents have not supported her financially, strangers have–sending in donations that have been accumulating in her account at the Orange County Jail in Florida. Current total: $472.18. The donors are described as ranging in age “from men as young as 19, to middle aged women, and to men in their late fifties. Some are bankers and others have criminal pasts including charges of aggravated assault and sex offenses. The donations have come from across the country and from Canada. Some donors have deposited multiple money orders over the past few months.”

And Anthony pockets that cash when she leaves jail on Sunday. Her lawyers have refused to say where Anthony will go and how she will live, citing security concerns, but her legion of money-sending fans are ready to step up.

“If she ever did contact me and wanted to live in the middle of nowhere I have three houses out here…I’m scared for her,” Gary Bradfield told Bradfield, a 44-year-old man who lives on a ranch in Texas, donated $99.40 to Anthony in February 2011 “so she’d have money to celebrate her birthday” in March.

One can imagine HLN’s Nancy Grace starting a “Worst Persons in the World” segment just to feature Mr. Bradfield.

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