Adorable News: Mysterious, Tiny Elf Door Appears In Golden Gate Park Tree

A mysterious, tiny ‘elf door,’ located at the base of a tree in Golden Gate Park, is prompting a wave of wonder and speculation.

Earlier this month, Sarah Bacon, editor of www.richmondsfblog, a blog about San Francisco’s Richmond District, reported on the ‘miniature mystery door’ that appeared at the base of a tree in the park’s concourse. Ever since the initial reporting went viral, park visitors – especially children – have been leaving letters and other such offerings inside the tiny door.

Who installed it, why, or how is unknown.

As ABC News reports, Bacon refuses to denote the location of the ‘elf door,’ in order to add to the fun mystery.

“I thought it would be fun for families to go out together and look for the tree. It has a lot of parents and kids excited. There are so many theories as to who put the door there, but I hope it stays a mystery.”

The park has no plans to remove “the elf door.”

What do you think, Mediaite readers? Have little gnomes or elves set up shop in Golden Gate Park? If you stop by the park and find the mysterious new attraction, let us know!

Watch the report from NBC below:

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