African-American Reverend To Megyn Kelly: Obama Is Taking Black Vote For Granted

Unlike his Republican rival and vice president, President Obama did not speak before the NAACP this week due to campaign scheduling conflicts, but a pretaped video of the president was played during the convention. However, Megyn Kelly asked if Obama’s scheduling was just a convenient excuse, and her guest, Reverend William Owens told Kelly that he believes during this election cycle, the president is taking the African-American vote for granted.

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When Kelly asked why he thinks that, Owens argued that the president may just be operating on the assumption that he has the black vote locked up, and so he doesn’t ned to bother actively working for their support. He added that when Obama came out in support for gay marriage, it “changed the game” and might have an impact on his support in the black community.

Kelly pointed out that even after Obama made his position on gay marriage clear, polls have shown his support in the black community around 90 percent. Owens speculated that the polls might not be accurate, and told Kelly that many people he’s spoken to have said they will stay home rather than voting for Obama or Mitt Romney.

But as for Obama’s non-appearance at the NAACP convention, Kelly asked why his physical presence is so important. Owens responded by tearing into both Obama and the NAACP.

“I think he would have been there if he had not taken the NAACP for granted. The NAACP had pandered to the president, they are doing his will by endorsing same-sex marriage, and I don’t think he counts them as being important now because he already has them.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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