After Fiery Debate On Drugs, A Disheartened Shepard Smith Declares ‘This War Is Lost’

Thanks to the drug scandal at Texas Christian University, we got to see all the different sides of our nation’s debate on drugs (besides, of course, the never-invited actual drug users, but whatever…) today on Studio B. Unsurprisingly, when you have a bunch of opposing sides on an issue like this, things got heated.

On the tough side of the law was Fox News Legal Analyst Mercedes Colwin who pointed out that her brother was an undercover NARC and had no problem throwing the book at the players who made a wrong choice. The pragmatist was criminal defense attorney Randy Zelin, who found it utterly ridiculous to ruin the entire lives of these young men for selling half an ounce of weed (something that would be nothing more than a summons in New York) just because they’re Texas football players and this would be an example. And, in the middle, was Shepard Smith who just seemed saddened by the whole thing. When Zelin argued that this was no way to “win the war,” Smith sighed.

“Win the war? This is a stupid war. This is a stupid war, isn’t it?” he asked. “We’ve lost this war. This war is lost.”

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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