After Getting the Ball Rolling, Hannity Cheers Trump For Attacking Mitch McConnell


Earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell drew the ire of pro-Trump conservatives when he said President Donald Trump had “excessive expectations” when it came to Congress passing health care reform. One of the most critical towards McConnell was Fox News host Sean Hannity, who broke his vow to not pick “petty political” fights for 12 hours to shoot out a mean tweet about McConnell, calling the Republican leader “spineless” and “weak.”

After Hannity re-upped that tweet the following morning, and Fox & Friends amplified the message, Trump took to Twitter to call out McConnell for not getting anything done on health care. And he hasn’t stopped going after the Kentucky lawmaker since.

At the start of his program Thursday night, Hannity cheered on the president for relentlessly taking it to McConnell over the previous day-plus. Highlighting POTUS’s criticism of McConnell giving up too early on health care, Hannity wanted to know why the senator didn’t “have the sense of urgency that the president has.”

The Fox News host also pointed out that he was name-checked when reporters got a chance to lob questions at the president earlier in the day. Trump was asked about conservatives like Hannity calling for McConnell to step down, to which he responded that the press could ask him that question if McConnell didn’t get certain legislation passed.

“The president’s comments come in response to Senator Mcconnell whining like a 5-year-old, complaining, making excuses to his constituents in Kentucky that the president’s expectations are just too high to pass repeal and replace after eight months,” Hannity noted.

The conservative commentator finished by knocking McConnell and the Senate for taking too much time off:

“Senators like Mcconnell do not show up to work for 69 days and then complain when the president is calling them out for not keeping up their promises and getting the job done. Well, it is time for Mitch McConnell to get it together or go home. Retire, play golf. Go on a fishing trip.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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