After Hamilton Dustup, Colbert Imagines What Would Happen if Pence Saw The Lion King

As Mike Pence comes off of his experience with Hamilton, Stephen Colbert decided to envision what could’ve happened if the Vice President-elect saw a Broadway show less invested in American politics.

Colbert used his Late Show cold-open on Monday to imagine if Pence used the weekend to also go see The Lion King on Broadway. Pence received a message from the Hamilton cast after his Friday show, and in the same vein, Colbert also had something he wanted to say as long as he was dressed up as the villainous Scar.

“Together, we can kill Simba.”

Of course, Colbert thought he and Pence would get along great because the latter is used to working with a “selfish and greedy” character, who has “a huge ego and hangs around with his own henchmen, and what’s that weird thing on his head?”

Watch above, via CBS.

[Image via screengrab]

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