After Jim Jordan Decries Russia Probe on TV, Matt Gaetz and Hannity Endorse Him to Be House Speaker

With House Speaker Paul Ryan facing a potential mutiny after announcing his plans to leave his post at the end of his current term, Congressman Matt Gaetz and Fox News host Sean Hannity have endorsed Congressman Jim Jordan to take the Wisconsin lawmaker’s top congressional spot.

Following a fiery rant on Fox News tonight against the federal government’s supposedly unethical targeting of President Donald Trump amid their probe into Russian election tampering, Jordan netted prime time endorsements from Gaetz––the Florida congressman who’s appeared on InfoWars this year, made similarly over-the-top remarks about the Russia probe, and invited an alt-right Holocaust denier to the State of the Union––and Hannity, the undisputed king of cable news.

“That’s why Jim Jordan should be Speaker of the House, then we’d have real oversight,” Gaetz said in response to Jordan calling for a special counsel to investigate the investigators behind Robert Mueller’s probe.

“Checkmate — I’m not gonna argue,” Hannity responded. “For the record, I’m supporting Jim Jordan. I just endorsed him.”

Additionally, Jordan, who is a member and founding chair of the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus, has been encouraged by a number of top conservative activists — ranging from a Koch funded organization to far-right anti-Muslim pundits — to take Ryan’s spot.

As for his tirade against the Justice Department, Jordan spouted the following claims while on Hannity tonight:

“The Department of Justice says, ‘Don’t worry, we can investigate ourselves.’ Even though, as you say, they took a dossier to a secret court to get a secret warrant. Didn’t tell the court who paid for it, namely the Clinton campaign, didn’t tell the court that the author of the document, Christopher Steele, had been fired by the FBI. They say, ‘Don’t worry, we can investigate ourselves.’ Even though it now appears there were paid informants who were hanging around the periphery of the Trump campaign… Jeff Sessions says only under extraordinary circumstances do you name a special counsel. How about the fact the top five people at the FBI have been fired or demoted? Those same people who ran the Clinton investigation, who launched the Russia investigation, who used the opposition research document at the FISA court and now look like they paid informants to be a part of the Trump campaign. How about that for a fact pattern that’s extraordinary? If that’s not extraordinary, someone better tell me what is.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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