After Neil Cavuto Accuses Him Of Being ‘Dull,’ Tim Pawlenty Offers To Show Off His ‘Tats’

Earlier today, Neil Cavuto was joined by Tim Pawlenty mentioned the common complaint against the former Governor, namely, that he’s too dull. Pawlenty responded to the accusation as only a truly exciting person would; by smiling mildly. He did, though, then offer a rebuttal, warning Cavuto that if the Fox News host continued to “goad” him, he’d have to show off his “tats.”

Unfortunately, no tats were revealed and Cavuto continued to pressure the possible Vice Presidential pick, asking him if he could sing. Pawlenty admitted that he could not but promised that, while he isn’t as flashy as some guys “who can light their hair on fire or do whatever,” he still has the experience to “get the job done.”

Cavuto then told him he was a good sport and promised viewers that, after the break, he’d show more random footage of supermodel Kate Upton, which is both a running joke on Cavuto’s show as well as a great idea for following any Pawlenty interview.

Watch the clip from Fox News below. And, in the comments, feel free to guess what Tim Pawlenty’s sweet tats look like. I’m not a betting man but, if I was, I’d guess a back tattoo featuring a large circle of “flesh color.”

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