After NYT Op-Ed, John Kerry Says ‘This Is a Genuine Constitutional Crisis’

On Wednesday, former Secretary of State for the Obama administration John Kerry responded to the explosive anonymous op-ed published by The New York Times claiming that there were those working within the Trump administration who “have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations” and questioning Trump’s fitness for office.

“We have a presidency which is off the rails,” Kelly told Anderson Cooper on CNN, adding that the president has “temper tantrums” and “doesn’t know enough” to be making the decisions he has been making.

Then after pointing to reports of disorder within the White House,  he continued on: “This is unbelievable. This is a presidency––this is a genuine constitutional crisis.”

Kerry then noted the “crisis is heightened by the fact that my former colleagues in the United States Senate on the Republican side who have taken an oath of office to defend the Constitution and the institutions of our country as a whole” are not defending the Consitution and the institution of the Senate but instead are “defending party and the president who simply doesn’t know what he is doing.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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