After Offering Rare Praise, Colbert Rips Trump For Remarks He Made at the Arrival of US Prisoners


Stephen Colbert kicked off his show Thursday night by addressing the arrival of three American prisoners who were released from North Korea.

Colbert began by admitting he gives President Trump “a lot of the business” and hits him “with the zingers,” but conceded that it’s “nice” to see good things happen in “Trump’s America.”

“It’s great news,” Colbert led applause with the audience. “When good things happen, you gotta give it up.”

He noted that Trump greeted the freed men at Joint Base Andrews along with First Lady Melania Trump, who he joked was “hoping to be freed next.” But then he slammed the president for thanking Kim Jong Un, who he said was “excellent” to the three Americans.

“No he wasn’t! He wasn’t ‘excellent’ to them!” Colbert reacted. ” And you know the hint that he wasn’t? They look happy to be with you, okay? That’s how low the bar is. You don’t negotiate the release of people from an ‘excellent’ situation!”

The Late Show host continued to blast Trump for his praise of the North Korean dictator when he told the press that he “didn’t think this was going to happen and it did”

“Coincidentally, that’s also what it says underneath Trump’s official portrait,” Colbert joked.

Colbert also mocked the president for insisting that he helped the media earn the “all-time history of television ratings” at 3AM.

“Yes, that is how history judges all presidential accomplishments,” Colbert said. “‘Did it do better than an informercial for Slap Chop?'”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.


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