After Sesame Street, Fallon, Oscars And More, CNN Asks If Michelle Obama Is ‘Overexposed’

Wolf Blitzer invited his panel of guests Monday afternoon to discuss whether First Lady Michelle Obama is getting too “overexposed” after a week that included “mom dancing” with Jimmy Fallon and presenting the Best Picture Oscar to Argo via satellite.

Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen and former GOP Senator Norm Coleman weighed in, but both were equally hesitant to say any negative about the first lady. Rosen said “bring it on” and commended her for pushing her “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign and appearing alongside soldiers for the Oscars appearance.

Coleman did say that the president and first lady “owe Hollywood so much,” referring to the donations and appearances that industry dedicated to them during both presidential campaigns, but quickly said he didn’t want to criticize Michelle Obama because “she’s very, very popular.”

While Americans have certainly gotten used to seeing their elected leaders appear on late night shows to promote their agendas and reach a wider audience, the Oscars surprise was generally felt to be a bit more jarring. And now that we know the Harvey Weinstein-assisted Argo-like secret operation that made it happen, it seems that much more ridiculous. But, she’s the first lady and (almost) everyone loves her, so is there anything so wrong about her popping up at the most celebrity-filled Hollywood night of the year?

Watch video below, via CNN:

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