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Fox & Friends Host Complains to Congressman She Has to Ask About Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt lamented on Wednesday that she had to talk about the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump instead of his religious freedom speech to the United Nations.

As Fox & Friends spoke to Doug Collins (GA) about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s launch of the inquiry, Earhardt noted that the House Judiciary ranking Republican used to be a minister before he went into politics. That led to Earhardt lionizing the president (who ascended to the Oval Office with a campaign promise to ban Muslims from the country) before complaining about the news of the week.

“We should be having you on to talk about the president speaking at the U.N. about religious liberties, how impressive that was. We should be talking about his bilateral meetings he has had with leaders with other countries in the world and how that helps our country. But instead, we are talking about another investigation. Impeachment inquiries.”

Earhardt proceeded to ask Collins what he knew about the whistleblower who filed the “urgent” report about Trump’s remarks to the Ukrainian president. She especially wanted to know if the Trump administration will release evidence to prove that the whistleblower was operating with a political bias.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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