Al Franken Caught Dozing Off During Kagan Testimony

There are few things more important to our country, our society, our very way of life than the United States Supreme Court. Therefore, the selection of a new justice is one of the most interesting news stories possible. Every few years, we, as Americans, get to sit back and literally watch history being made in front of our very eyes. We get to see our country’s future being written. We get to- Oh my God! Is Al Franken falling asleep? He totally is!

During Elena Kagan’s opening remarks today, Sen. Franken had a bit of a hard time keeping his eyes open. In his defense, I’m sure many people who watch the confirmation hearings felt the same way. Seriously, do these people know how to blather, or what? Still though, you’d think Franken, as a graduate of live television, would know better than to nod off with so many cameras around.

The clip of Franken’s snooze is below. Kagan’s full remarks are here. Watch them and see if you do any better.

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